Friday, January 23, 2015

{Romantic} Happy Valentines day Poems for Him and Her 2015 | Boyfriend Girlfriend

valentines day poems: Are you in Love with someone and want to Propose him or her this valentines 2015. Usually Peoples Buy expensive Gifts on Valentines day to impress their Girlfriend or wife. But if you can't afford to buy these Costly Stuff for your Lover then Sending Valentines Day Poems to them is the best way to express your Love with them.
Happy Valentines day Poems 2015
Valentine is a Festival of Love where some one Share his feeling with the person who he or she likes very much. And If Send Romantic Valentine Day Poem for your Girlfriend or boyfriend.

Cute Valentines day Poems for Her - girlfriend

If you would be my valentine
My heart would surely glow
And if you'd be my valentine
I'd want the world to know 
If you would be my valentine
My eyes could finally rest
For my heart already knows
That you would be the best 
If you would be my valentine
I would want the world to see
That I have found the perfect valentine
The one just for me 

If you would be my valentine
My world would be much brighter
So put those precious arms around me
And hold me that much tighter 
If you would be my valentine
My heart might do flips
For when I think of you
It already begins its skips 
If you would be my valentine
My eyes would surely shine
So won't you please tell me yes
that you will always be mine

Valentine day Poem for Him

Valentine day poems for boyfriend

Valentines day Love Poems 2015

Valentines day Poem for Her

Romantic Valentines Day Poems for Him - Boyfriend

In his smile, or his smirk, in his eyes I felt I heard,
A melody without him uttering a word.
He dint really have to say, that he had felt the exact same way.
Oh tell me what is love, so that I can confirm it any day.
‘Love’ they say is a feeling of affection.
The thoughts that play with my deep emotions.
In silence when he hugs me and I can hear his heart beat,
I know that moment manages to always turn up the heat.
A question in my head that kept instigating fate.
I had to ask him before it was too late.
Will you always be there? Will you always love me?
With a glint in his eyes he said “Yes, for an eternity.”

So guys I hope you enjoyed these Happy Valentines day Poems for Girlfriend and boyfriend which you can send for free on Whatsapp or Facebook. Do Share with your friends and Share the Love around up. 

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